The Walking Logo Reentry program is designed for men currently incarcerated with 18-24 months remaining on their stated prison term. With the guidance of case managers and written essay; participants are selected to be educated and mentored with the objective being to significantly reduce the recidivism rate.

The Walking Logo Reentry Program is facilitated by a partnership between a successful restored citizen and professionals in the fields of: finance, parenting, personal development, workforce development, and small business and entrepreneurship. Each section is for eight weeks with the exception of the workforce development section which is for 18 weeks. Upon successful completion of the pre-release curriculum and release from the institution participants will receive clothing vouchers, housing and transportation assistance, employment referrals, and continued peer mentoring for an additional 12 months.

We believe that the participants of this program should start within themselves and within their current situation (incarceration). This concept is backed by a Wheeler and Patterson report stating pre-release programs appear to be the most effective at reducing the recidivism rate. We also believe that the partnership between the professional and the restored citizen is vital in the process of facilitating information. We want the participants to go beyond memorization and into an understanding of the information that will lead to changes in behaviors and changes in circumstances. We believe this can best be achieved by information being facilitated by a professional then authenticated by an individual who used that information to make a transition from offender to ex-offender.

The Gazelle Project

​The Gazelle Project is a women’s empowerment group designed to bring people with personal development knowledge and experience together with people who are lacking that information. When someone is lacking information it simply means that they have not been exposed to information that if made aware can have a positive impact on their lives. We emphasize “empowerment” in the Gazelle Project because information is one of the greatest gifts that you can give a person. That information in turn can be used to create wealth, confidence, positive parents, community activist, and all around responsible citizens.

The Gazelle Project was formed as a continuance of the Walking Logo Reentry Program. SWO was formed on the core principal that reentry must be approached holistically to be successful. The same education and mentoring is provided to both the Walking Logo and Gazelle Project participants. Incarceration however comes in many forms such as physical, emotional, and economical just to name a few. A woman with an incarcerated loved one can be suffering the same personal developmental issues as a woman who cannot envision her life without the support of the welfare or section 8 public assistance programs. With that in mind The Gazelle Project quickly evolved to include any woman who feels connected to an issue or situation that is causing bondage and wants freedom through information and understanding. Every meeting is facilitated by a professional in an area of personal development. We discuss issues such as finances, relationships, self-discovery, parenting, and career/workforce development.


The Phoenix Project is designed to provide programming for children who have been negatively affected by incarceration. The objective of the program is to reinforce positive character building concepts that the children may or may not have been exposed to at home, school, or other social groups. This program is a very important contributor towards reducing the overall incarceration rate as a preventative measure. There is a high cost of parental incarceration for children. They may experience difficulty transitioning to successful adult lives; higher rates of unemployment, lower educational achievements, and a greater risk of involvement in the criminal justice system themselves. There are however; some contributing factors towards positive progression for children during parental incarceration. One of those ways is by providing a quality social group where they can develop new peer relationships and be exposed to positive non-parental adult mentors.

The Man Inside 101
Mentoring Program

​“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” This ancient African proverb is one that the Starts Within Organization embodies at its core. We believe that before change can be seen externally, change must be done internally, and that most of the personal issues we face are due to the enemy that has come to reside within us. If we can get in line with our true selves then our potential for success is limitless! We have been able to positively affect incarcerated people through our 52-week Walking Logo program that is implemented inside of correctional facilities for offenders. We have been successful to date because of our ability to relate to the population. There cannot be transference of information if there is no relationship established. We establish positive relationships so that the critical information that we all know is needed to be successful is received and understood.

The Man Inside 101 is a new six-week course that meets once a week for one hour and thirty minutes. The course focuses on the individual. We cover the critical question “Who are you?” in its purest form. We will venture all the way back to childhood to see what have been the major influences on each individual’s perception of life. Moving forward to the present, we show how knowing one’s own goals, strengths and weaknesses can determine the way a person begins to structure his or her life. We then move on to the importance of placing one’s self in the right social setting and establishing positive relationships through effective communication. After we cover those areas we will dive into what goes into making the best decisions. The participants will end the course by discovering the things they need to do to take care of themselves mentally and physically.

Although The Man Inside 101 was originally geared towards mentoring individuals on a one-on-one basis inside a correctional facility, it has turned out to be just as effective in group settings. This six-week course will not serve as an ending to a person’s complete change, but it will initiate the change that will move them into more desirable situations.

Benefits of enrollment
Classes are taught by certified cognitive behavior therapy trainers.
Facilitators are relatable to the population to effectively establish a positive relationship
Significantly reduce the likelihood of recidivism

Areas of Instruction
Social Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Cognitive Self Change, Parenting, Transitioning back into society,
Employment Readiness, Financial Literacy