The U.S. Sentencing Commission report on recidivism, released on January 24, 2019, showed that nearly 64% of prisoners who have been convicted of violent offenses were arrested within eight years – Prison Legal News, May 2019.

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Prisoners cost taxpayers $80 billion a year – NY Times, December 20, 2019

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Children of incarcerated parents face profound and complex threats to their emotional, physical, educational, and financial well-being – National Institution of Justice, March 01, 2017

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six rehab patients

We believe in rehabilitation We believe in redemption. Robert Longshore, Alabama Parole Board

Individuals who are incarcerated and serve more than five years in prison find it hard to get back on their feet. Many aspects such as the emotional, physical, mental, and financial well-being of these individuals are at stake. Starts Within Organization is established to help these individuals and their affected families get back on track, stronger and with a greater purpose to the society. All success stories come from hard work and determination. And here with us, we strongly believe that everyone is capable of attaining redemption, helping them lead a decent life after imprisonment, and reduce the rates of recidivism. Learn more about our advocacy today!

Mission Statement

The Starts Within Organization’s mission is to decrease recidivism rates by targeting incarcerated individuals through education and mentoring initiatives, making the transition from offender to ex-offender more successful.

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